VMoney Dashboard Edit

The VMoney dashboard gives users access to multiple features of the platform such as sending funds instantly to another VMoney user, adding funds to accounts, converting funds to cash via bank transfer or ATM withdrawal, paying for bills, reloading of prepaid credits[1], and owning a VMoney Prepaid MasterCard.

VMoney Prepaid MasterCard Edit

The VMoney Prepaid MasterCard allows cardholders to make secure offline and online transactions and withdraw cash anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

VMoney Privilege Card Edit

VMoney’s NFC enabled cards for secure cashless transactions.  Cards are directly linked to a user account and require PIN verification for transactions to be processed.

MyVMoney Edit

VMoney’s mobile application, MyVMoney, is equipped with all the functionalities of the VMoney web dashboard and enables NFC or QR code[4] payments using mobile phones.  The app is currently available for Android phones with an iOS release coming soon.

VMoney Financial Facility Edit

An ATM network set to deploy in 2016, the VMoney Financial Facility or VFF, will be equipped with the following capabilities: accepting deposits to VMoney accounts, sending money, loading VMoney cards, paying bills, buying prepaid load and scratch cards, and withdrawing funds directly from VMoney accounts.

MicroATM Edit

Micro ATMs created by VMoney will essentially be the same as VFFs but without the cost of traditional ATMs.  Both individuals and businesses can become ATMs themselves by carrying the Micro ATM.

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